Typhoon Resistance Shutter

Picture 1) 

Chung Tai CT100 Vertically Sliding Aluminium Slat Shutter

5600mm(W) x 11050mm(H) Typhoon resistance (2.2kpa) CT100 Aluminium Slat Shutters in a Highway Workshop, Tsing Yi (2007)


The aluminium slat is treated by anodic oxidation and the surface layer reaches 25µ thickness, which can withstand the erosion resulting from the variation of weather and climate of up to 15 years, with the surface and colour of the aluminium slat remain undamaged and unchanged.

Operation and size:

Manual operated: width up to 3000mm and height up to 3000mm

Electric operated: width up to 6000mm and height up to 10000mm

Picture 2)

13550mm (W) x 7550mm(H) typhoon resistance (4.2kpa), stainless steel #316 roller shutter at wholesale Fish Market, Tuen Mun (2010)

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Typical Drawing