Insulated Single-screen Vertical Sliding Roller Shutter FRR(-/240/60)

Model No.: SIV-84/244

Comply with BS EN 1634-1:2008 with 84 mins insulation and 244 mins integrity

Asymmetric slat curtain system comprised of whole shutter assemblies including shutter hood, endplates, barrel, guide rail and slat curtain.

Specimen size 3,050 mm wide by 3,050 mm high
Research Engineering Development Facade Consultants Limited (RED)
Test Standard

BS EN 1634-1:2008

The slat curtain system is comprised of steel hollow section slat with ceramic wool infill on both side while heat-resisting creamic blanket on another side., leading to asymmetric slat curtain system. The advantage is having clear opening appearance to be stainless steel. 

Protection of guide rails can be constructed by either brick jamb or insulated enclosure to form a holistic insulated construction.

Exclusive connectors (Patent application no. PCT/CN2014/070276) are used to detach the heat resisting ceramic blanket and the steel slat curtain in case of fire, terminating of heat conduction from steel slat curtain to heat resisting ceramic blanket, and vice versa.

Picture 1) 

Fire side - Steel Slat Curtain

Performance - 84 mins insulation & 244 mins integrity

Picture 2) 

Typical Drawing